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60's & 70's Poetry    & Songs          by Val Iberall O'Connor

Itís Just A Peace Of Mind   

Iíve been waiting such a long time

Just for a peace of mind

They say you gotta wait awhile

But how can you even smile.

 The worldís going to pieces I know

How do you know there is tomorrow

Everybodyís fighting itís true

If ya stick around youíll just be a fool.

 Thereís gotta be an answer soon

With all the people there wonít be no room

Somebody ought to tell them theyíre making us sick

The water, the air, weíll be in a fix.

 Our guys are shootin way out there

Their bodies are being sent back here

But whatís a helpless child to do

The motherís got no husband to turn to.

 They send their kids to college someday

But demonstrations is for what they pay

Nobodyís learning out of books these days

All you can do now is sit down and pray.

 Theyíre sending people out to the moon

What happened to that silly old tune

This is our country, weíre proud and we love it

Somebody must have goofed in the making of it.

Iím still waiting for that peace of mind

I donít think Iíll find it in time

The world just ainít gonna hang around that long

We might as well finish it with a bomb.


Why Can't People Get Along

Why can't people get along

They're always fighting all day long

Everybody wants to be free

Freedom comes with equality.

Sometimes I just don't understand

Why there's turmoil o'er the land

No one's different, everyone's the same

In feelings and hopes and disappointments.

Where's it all gonna turn to

What's it all gonna lead to

Is this the start or merely the end

Who holds the answer of our sins.


Don't Take The Sun

From Me

I look out in front of me

Don't know what I'm trying to see

I reach out for something real

All I get is a bunch of deals.

Life can't go on this way

It's no place forever to stay.

Somethin's gotta come, somethin's gotta come, somethin's gotta come I can't take no more sun.

There's gotta be a place for me to go

But it's takin so god damn slow.

Why can't you show me

When am I gonna see

Do I have to die

Before I even try

Who will tell me how to live

Who will tell me how.

Tell me and you'll be glad you did

Or you'll have it hangin over your head

Life is too short for snobs

Open your heart up and don't you rob

The sun from my eyes.


How Can You Make Love Without Love

How can you make love, without love.

How can you have peace if you have war.

What is life, without death. How can you be real, when you are fake.

How can man be without woman.

How can there be beauty if there's no ugliness.

How can you be happy if you're always sad.

How can you live if there's no life.

Where will man be if there's destruction.

How can you create if you tear down.

Why is man here if he shouldn't be.

Who holds the answer if there is none.

What is the reason if there's no purpose.

How can you go on if you are shielded.

How can you be free if there are bars.

When will it end, or has it just begun.


Slowly I Walk

Slowly I walk through timeless fields of spleandor emptiness.

God it's lonely, it's like being unable to stand with no one to hold on to.

Where did everybody go?

Did man's destruction come to an end, finally after endless turmoil?

Will I always stand alone looking at the peaceful evilness he left behind?

I bend down to see a small cracked image of someone who once was.

My reflection shows merely a physical being who never really was.

It falls and tumbles to the ground.

The crumble of crushing glass can be heard like a sharp echo, revolving through my mind.

No one is left to see, to hear, to feel the lasting silence of eternity.

It is finished, completed to an end.

And slowly I walk through timeless fields of spleandor emptiness.

Alone, and unafraid.



When you're really down just think about this life

You've been here so many times trying to forget your strife.

Reincarnation is really so true once you get your head straight you won't be so blue.

The ends coming closer and the day's almost here and you know that the last one wasn't bad at all.

When you finally know what your purpose will be your life fulfilled with God's mighty light

The end's coming closer and the day's almost here and you know that the next one won't be bad.


It Must Be A Dream

I'm standing here all alone

Didn't know that people had to roam

Where did they go

Tell me it isn't so.

I'm so afraid

Everybody looks like they faded with the wind

The wind takes them far

And I'm still standing under the stars.

It's so dark no sound, not a bark

There isn't a trace of a child running in the rain.

No one's been around not a kite, not a sound

I must be dreaming, must be a dream

Of flying kites, of running barefoot all through the park

Somebody wake me please

I'm so scared and lonely.

Where did they go, I just don't know

Where they could have gone

So I'll finish my song.

Let It All Hang Out

I'd like to take the world

And place it in my hand

And squeeze it until it all drips out

All that water and all the land.

But most of all to crush the people

Who aren't worth a cent

And leave the helpless animals alone

Who try to build their tent.

Just the two footed human beings

Who could never pay the rent

But could spend it all on worthless goods

Their plastic melting as they repent.

It all comes out as one big fake

As it all drips out apart

Because the melted plastic proves

It was a waste even from the start.



It's morning

And I hear her soft whining tone

Shatter my dreamy like sleep

She tells me she wants to go out

By nuzzling her velvety muzzle against my cheek.

It's nearly daybreak

The sun is just beginning to shine its spleandor through the clouds.

We walk through the field

The snow clings to the blades of grass

Sparkling like diamonds against the misty fog.

She runs ahead of me

Sniffing the newly layed dew

But she always comes back to me

like a sheep that's gone astray.

She shows her affection

Through her big brown eyes

And lays at my feet

When she's rested and content.

I know this is real love

The kind everyone hopes for

We'll always be together

My dog and me.


A Head Can Turn You On

A head can turn you on but you gotta understand

He holds the answer and it doesn't take too long.

But you gotta listen to him you gotta understand open your mind to him and you won't give a damn,

Your body's nothing when you realize it's true.

He'll free you from your conflict listening to his tune.

No words will tell you what you want to know you gotta think it clearly in your mind.

Throw away your careful plans.

Know it isn't true.

Think it out realistically the answer's when you're dead,

The answer's when you die you'll free your mind.

Your soul will take over and you'll be there in time.

If you don't understand it you're just a lost soul.

You'll come back some other time in another's role.

If you don't mind waiting for it you'll find it out in time

You'll be so much better off the first time around.

So just you listen to him so that you will know

Instead of wasting precious time and coming down so low.


It's A Long Road Home

Lonliness is what I feel

Emptiness is how I live

I need someone to make me whole

Someday he'll come and save my soul.

For it's a long road home to that dream land to that dream land so far away.

I was walking through the field one day

I met a guy who was all alone

He said I need someone to make me whole

Please help me save my soul.

I took his hand and stopped and smiled

I was the woman, he was the man

We looked into each other's eyes

And knew at last we found our pride.

For it's a long road home to that dream land to that dream land so far away.

But together we had a chance to find our dream that was in our hands, it was in our hands

We'll find it someday, it's in our hands.