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Dear Val, I can't begin to thank you for the mixed emotions your pictorial composition has stirred in me. Those wonderful memories of the past. The thoughts and sights which all seems like only yesterday. Man, you brought it all out to the forefront. I loved every treasure of it. Thank you. Your thoughtfulness, time, effort and creation is priceless. Gal, Val, you did good.  -Uncle Al and Barbara Rubenstein

Val, I can't thank you enough for the booklet you made for my wife. It  has had an amazing impact on her days. Rita, my wife of thirty-seven years had a stroke. Then she fell and broke her hip. She has been in an assisted living rehab center for one week after five weeks in the hospital. Her speech is very poor and although she has many visitors, conversation is very very difficult. Our son saw your website and ordered your book, Memories in a Nutshell. From the moment I set the book  on her nightstand, everyone from the staff to our dear friends have been able to both see and read about Rita. She lights up with pride and joy when we talk about the pictures and read about her achievements. The awkward moments when no one knows what to talk about are gone. The visits from her friends and the time the staff stay with us in her room has increased tenfold. But most of all I am sure that Rita is happier. Without saying a word, she can have conversations just by showing her book.  Great idea! Thank you, Raymond Horn