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 Matt Harding's Video


Phone Salesman (Paul Potts) Sings Opera



9 yr. old (David Militello)sings



Life Without Limbs


Nick Vujicic is a Giant of a Man



Follow Your Dreams



Loose Change video


An Inconvenient Truth



Sarah Lenore sings


Hero Video


Eco 92 Video



Marcello's YouTube Interview with Dick Clark



Kelly and Reba sing


Reba and Kelly sing



Charlotte Church and Josh Groban sing



Stephanie and Rosie on the View

Jackie Evancho

Buy Change


The Story of Stuff-a video


The Dog, the Cat and the Rat


 More of The Dog, the Cat and the Rat


Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion sing


Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli sing


Josh Groban sings



Xino Chino Hey Jude


Middle Age


Talks-Jill Bolte Taylor-My Stroke of Insight


Elephant Paints a Self-Portrait


Jerry the Dog


100 Years and Running


13 yr old (Andrew Johnston) sings



6 yr old (Connie Talbot) sings


George Michael sings Careless Whisper



The Lion


Insurance Salesman (Neil Boyd) sings opera


4 yr. old (Kaitlyn Maher) sings



11 yr old (Bianca Ryan) sings



Derrick Barry


Eli Mattson sings



Jessica Price



Space Out



Christian the Lion



More of Connie Talbot singing




Another Christian the Lion Video




Julian Beever's Sidewalk Art


Baby Deer and Kitten


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